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I know - I haven't been active here really.

May 23 2009, 6:58 PM

I notice that there still isn't much interesting, and creative layouts for 2.0 around here. But that's just my opinion. You might take what I say as offensive to you or your work, and that's fine. You can do what you want, but you must know that it's not intended that way.


As you can tell, I haven't been active for a while now. I haven't made new layouts in god knows how long. The reason for my absense is simple. I had a computer fart, it destroyed everything in the tower, so I was out of a computer for a long time. I now have a new PC (not new as in brand new). It's a used PC but it gets what I need.


However, I do not have enough RAM as of yet, to handle Adobe Photoshop, which is the only program I use for basic design tech. I figured up my expenses, and realized I can't afford to get RAM myself. Just when I thought I was at a loss. I was hired as a full time designer for Oblivion Gaming Inc. My boss Rob decided he'd get me RAM, which is exciting to me, because I didn't think I'd get RAM for another year or so, because of the ecenomic problem going on.


So as soon as I can catch Rob on, or get him to answer his phone, I'll be able to let him know what kind I need, and he should be able to send it to me. Then I have to take it up to Best Buy, and have Geek Squad put it in for me, because opening this case is hella hard without cusing half the drives to pop out... (suicide casing - by 2004 Dell Corp.). I know, shitty right? But that' how it has to be. It'll cost me 94 bucks total, including the price of my sound card being put in for me, cause I do not havea sound card. I bought this PC for $150 from someone I thought as a friend, but later on noticed that he doesn't care anymore, and I can't get him to help me anymore.


So when I told him I had no sound card, he ignored me, and now he won't answer my calls, so that's out the window, but hey, life is still good. I got friends, family and everything is going great. Aside from 4 months ago my step mom shot and killed herself. Then her sister took her son away from my dad, and now we can't see him. He's only 4 yrs old... he's my little buddy, and I miss him dearly.


So that's the low down basically, on what's happened all this time, and why I haven't been active. You should see me more active as soon as I get more RAM. But always remember - Real life comes first, no matter what. Computer, and what you do on the Computer does not matter as much as Real life. So please don't waste your time spending more than 3-4 hours on a PC unless you have to for a job you do. It'll just waste your life trust me, I now, I've been there and done that.


That reminds me of Lacrae's new CD Rebel. It has a song on it called "Don't Waste Your Life". It's an amazing song, if you don't like Hip Hop, you won't like it though. But if you do, I recommend it to anybody. It is Christian, so I warn you, if you don't wanna listen to it, then don't it's up to you. But if you like Hip Hop, you definitely shouldn't pass up the chance of hearing Lacrae rhyme, this dude can spit, I mean seriously - and his lyrics aren't only about 3 things in every song, like the rest of the Hip Hop world.

Anyway, please leave comments if you want. I'll respond. I have the time to get on atleast once a day to read and post messages. I've been fishing alot, so it usually won't be till in the afternoons. I'm a busy dude during the summer. I don't like to stay cooped up in the house wasting my time, when I could be out there in the world, discovering new things that God has planned for me, and re-experiencing old ones, for a better outcome.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you all. Thank you for using, and viewing my layouts, and leaving comments. I hope to see more in the future, wence I submit more of them.



Ra'asiel M.



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